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*Southern Eagles Soaring* ( ) -------------------------------------------------------------------- We offer Rides, Lessons & Membership. The mission of Southern Eagles Soaring is to provide economical and fulfilling access to the sport of recreational soaring for all club members. Southern Eagles Soaring is a private club located in central Georgia at the Butler Municipal Airport. Southern Eagles is made up of members from both Alabama & Georgia, USA. SES has a Towplane and a fleet of club Sailplanes/Gliders. Several members own their own glider either alone or in partnerships. The central Georgia area has proven to be an ideal site for inland thermal flying. SES is within a reasonable distance from metro Atlanta, Auburn, Macon, Columbus & Montgomery. *This is the main@ email list intended for announcements to the full club membership. It is to remain restricted to only* SE *S* *members.* Joining members should apply for this email list. NON-members are encouraged to join ** The "Friends" list is fully public and is intended for public announcements for BBQs, Friends &Family ride days, and Discovery Ride customers. Former members, potential members and the interested public are free to join the friends list.
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  • SES-Board
    *Private Discussion between Board of Directors*. This sub-group existence is visible to the members of the main SES group, but the *email messages are private to only members of this subgroup*. These privacy setting were chosen so that the board could protect the privacy of any members that are discussed regarding safety issues or non-payment of funds.  Board members should share the results of any discussions as appropriate with the restricted "SES-Voting" member list or the full "main" (announcement) list. [FYI admins/owners probably have access to all messages also.] The membership of this group should be updated based on the annual elections/stay current with actual board membership, former board members can be removed.
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  • SouthernEaglesSoaring | SES-Hangar-Chat
    This subgroup is intended for as much *Social and Fun sharing* as possible. Tell as many stories and lies as you like - we want to hear all your flying exploits. The intention is to keep the main club group uncluttered - so people that don't want to hear this can ignore this.  This subgroup can be hangar stories unlimited. Also share photos and smaller videos - bigger ones may need to be shared via links. IF you do NOT want to hear these stories you can *unsubscribe from this subgroup* and still get all the standard club announcements. (please do not unsubscribe from the main SES group list).
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  • SES Operations Planning for Towpilots & Instructors & Schedule - Not intended for club wide annoucements.
    The small backroom to *discuss operations schedule between the planners, tow pilots & instructors. Once decisions are made within this subgroup, public announcements should be made to the main club list.* (Not just here)
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  • SouthernEaglesSoaring | SES-Voting
    This list is *reserved for club members that have voting rights as defined in the club bylaws*. This can allow the club members to vote through this system.  The membership list of this group should be moderated occasionally and especially before critical votes.
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